French Football Federation SP19

Narrative  |  Uniform Design

2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup

Design Director – Lee Murphy
Designer – Lane Porter  |  Narrative & Uniform Design (pattern, color, graphics, typography)

French fashion carries the nation’s innate flair — an unflappable, natural elegance. Simplicity and refinement, the core tenets of French style, underpin the 2019 FFF collection, the first women’s-exclusive kit design celebrating this summer’s tournament host.

Video- Agency : Midi:Quinze, Directors : Jeremie Boeglin & Antoine Netter, Director of Photography: Antoine, Makeup Artist : Ophélie Crommar, Production Assistant : Ivan Linski

The French home kit sports an elegant blue top with rose gold details —including crest, FFF marking at the back of the neck and the worlds ‘Nos Différences Nous Unissent’ within. The Tricolore is represented subtly on the sleeve, while the kit’s white shorts and red socks articulate the famous bleu, blanc and rouge from head to toe.

The FFF away kit, white shirt and socks paired with blue shorts carries a unique hexadot pattern referencing both the country’s informal nickname (l’hexagone) and the dotted styles of French fashion.

Unité Totale Capsule Collection

Created by the NSW team to launch during the World Cup. Pattern, graphics, and color adopted from FFF gameday collection.

Unite Totalé is highlighted by two Nike Air Max 98 versions, a Nike Air Max Plus, the Nike React Element 55 and the Benassi Slide Lux. These honor design details from the French national women’s team collection, inclusive of its custom font, hallmark strips, red and rose gold accents, and a new hexadot pattern. Just as on the French jersey, each shoe is marked with “Nos Differences Nous Unissent,” strong reminder of the unifying power of diversity.

Left Image – Photography: Joop Groen, Styling: Saskia van der Klei, Retouch: Sjoerd Piepenbrink